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Tuesday, August 15, 2023


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Chris Schwab

Great to hear from you once again! I always looked forward to your posts on the IHateDialysis.org site back in the day! And I think it was important and eyeopening for Mr. Mueller to point out how even an M.D. and home dialysis patient could run afoul of a medical system gone mad - glad to see you lived to tell the tale!

However this reminds me of how I acted with a mutual acquaintance back in the day, Bill Peckman. The more I think about it, the more I believe I made a terrible mistake. I'll just say it is a long story how my mind went down a bad path. I know Bill is gone, but if he can get this message from above - I'm very, very sorry!!! (R.I.P) And if he kicks my rear-end from above - I deserve it!

The above paragraph is a little off topic, but some memory cells got stirred up.

Peter Laird, MD

Thank you Chris.Tom has written a very impactful and important book that all dialysis patients, nephrologists, nurses and techs should read and understand.

We can do better and Scribner did do better, leaving a legacy of restoration and return to a productive life. The for-profit dialysis industry has left a legacy of death and destruction.

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