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Friday, September 28, 2012


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I also do my treatments at home and have monthly visit at Davita. I recently have found out that the assist I was getting from American Kidney foundation for my medigap insurance will not pay over 500 a month nor will they let me add the 150 to make the payment in full. I've been told the only choice is Hummana that only pays 15 per cent. With davitas high cost I have to find another 300 a month. This gets so numbing after awhile.


I'm guessing if davita starts out with an absurdly outrageous bill, their final utterly outrageous bill won't look so bad. I'm wondering what Kaiser is finally going to wind up paying? I'm guessing much more than davita's "help" is actually worth.

But maybe I'm not factoring in the wonderful show Thiry puts on for all of us down in Denver.

Roberta Mikles BA RN

And, it is all a terrible situation especially when you read their inspection reports

L Schmidt

Great article and so true.. I experienced the same on supplies when I was with davita...counting out every needle... their attitude towards pateints and their ethics do not belong in the kidney world.. absolutely awful organization to be involved with. I am concerned about the pateints that r in their care...We r petioning for them to stop providing dialysis services to the patients in our area.. looking for another dialysis provider...

Mark Moulliet

Yes, as someone who went to Davita for five years, everything Dr. Laird has stated is very true, sadly.

A. Stamp

I also am with Davita and feel the same as the above. I have been on in center hemodialysis for 5 years and for some reason Davita decided that because I get a minimal SS check and very minimal disability check that I can afford to pay 250 dollars towards my dialysis every month. I can't. I am on medicare with UHC secondary until I am 65 at which time my disability stops due to AT and T's rules. So, I am billed 250 by Davita every month in addition to money I have to pay to medicare and UHC and the copay of 5000 dollars per year with UHC plus medications and my meager living expenses which leave me tossing a coin to see if I need gas, food or meds each month. To this day I have not gotten an answer as to why I have to pay this to Davita.

Peter Laird, MD

Sorry, to here this situation. I hope you are able to work it out. If you can find a non-profit dialysis unit in you area, usually you are in a better situation on many fronts. God bless, Peter.

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