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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


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Why not post this over at IHD? I'm sure many people there would be only to happy to vote over and over again for Shad. I've voted my ten times for today! Thanks for keeping us updated on how we can support him.


There does seem to be a 10 vote per day limit... Is that right? The system doesn't seem to be letting me vote more than 10 times.

Peter Laird, MD

You can vote as many times as you wish, there is no limit on voting. You simply have to refresh and vote again. I have voted over 100 times today already. To win, Shad will need more than 2000 people voting at least 100 times. In reality, he will need about 15,000 votes every day. I am doing my part to support Shad, I hope that the rest of the renal community does their part.


I guess my computer had a hiccup because now I can vote more, so thanks for that. I've enlisted my husband in the effort, too. Does most of the renal community know about this? Is there any where else you can post this link?

Steve Varsos

Please help my friend Shad Ireland realize his dream of competing in the Ironman World Championships in Kona. Voting is close and he is in jeopardy of falling into 3rd place! I'm asking that you vote as many times each day, as possible, between now and next Tuesday! It only takes a second and your help is really needed. Please ask yoour friends to do the same. Thanks so much!! Here is the information.
Direct link to Shad's Kona Inspired Video: http://konainspired.thismoment.com/us/facebook/facebookappLink
To vote for Shad's Kona Inspired Video via Mobile device: http://konainspired.thismoment.com/us/base/mobile
You will need to Select "Shad Ireland Kona Inspired Video" then select the vote button if using Mobile link
.See More
Kona Inspired
Kona Inspired showing that “Anything Is Possible” http://konainspired.com

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