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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


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Thanks. I am a nephrologist, and knew this info, but I don't think many patients do.

I like you blog, lot of details about dialysis and up to date.

Peter Laird, MD

Thank you George, please comment freely as I am sure that there is much for all of us to discuss and comment about as we all try to reach a consensus on how to improve the plight of the American dialysis patient.

Roberta Mikles BA RN

When my father was a patient we never knew this and found out strictly by accident. I was very surprised because at our unit there were alot of Asian and Phillipino patients, as well as staff. My point being that I wondered how many patients, familiar with this fruit, would eat it and then become ill
In fact, the dietician was from the Phillipines, if I recall. I wonder why patients are not informed of this ---pretty scarey, but does not surprise me
Roberta Mikles www.qualitysafepatientcare.com

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