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Sunday, February 19, 2012


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kathy heffner

Great infomation ..... thx Rich.... It took me alot of time gaining trust with my Insurance company....and with the help of my Doctor who worked for the insurance company we were able to do home dialysis and do it nocturnally.... No one had done home dialysis nocturnally thur this insurance company occording to my doctor.... I am please that there are more doing this type of dialysis now....I am also glad to here that more insurance companies are allowing people to have more choices and allowing home dialysis to be one of them......Thx again for all your hard work in supporting optimal dialsyis Peter and Rich....YOUR GUYS ROCK......

Roberta Mikles BA RN

One must wonder the REAL reasons that Aetna is not following in United Health's footsteps ... How much influence have competing home dialysis companies, LDOs and other smaller ones, had in Atena's decision. Perhaps if Aetna reviewed facility inspection reports, then, and only then, would they realize that patients might be safer in their own home setting, considering they apparently are ignnoring data being provided to support usage of NxStage.
Roberta Mikles
Dialysis Patient Safety Advocates

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