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Monday, January 16, 2012


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Roberta Mikles BA RN

The Killer Weekend will continue, unfortunately, until the providers realize that they are saving lives and working towards having this population enjoy every minute of the day as those who are not on dialysis.

One must truly wonder if this information has been known for so long, why have the providers NOT engaged in EOD treatments. Has anyone approached congressional members/legislators to try and get things changed? Has anyone addressed those at the top of the food chain (LDO) to do EOD dialysis? IF so, what was the response. I guess we won't see change until someone such as a legislator, family member of a provider, etc., experiences that which many patients experience e.g. negative outcomes.....but, then, if these people are incenter they might get extra special TLC, as we often see, due to their being just who they are.............
Roberta Mikle BA RN

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