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Wednesday, May 04, 2011


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Sounds like NxStage is having growing pains.

Peter Laird, MD

Zach, so am I. LOL.


I'm with you - its always a surprise to see what NxStage is going to send. They never seem to be able to tell me if it is coming via courier or UPS. My rep is Sandie. I figure if they dont send enough supplies, they can overnight me what I need at extra expense to them.

Brian Riddle

I have never had an issue with supplies... I do receive the monthly reminder call which is nice, but do not rely on this. I have an order/delivery schedule from NxStage as a second reminder. I always call in my order to my assigned representative rather than leaving the order on the automatic phone system they setup.

It is also nice that we get a phone call from the courier a week before they deliver to arrange a time frame. The same delivery person would show up each month. He is like one of the family when he come son his monthly delivery.

Peter Laird, MD

As in many ventures in this life, a lot has to do with the person factor. My first twelve months on NxStage was smooth as glass, the last twelve months, a bit bumpy, but I am looking forward to the email notification. That is so much easier for me and quicker, more accurate and you have a hard copy each month so that there are no accusations of "noncompliance."

Once again, NxStage is a company that is patient responsive and I am sure that they will iron out these issues. Remember, this is really the only game in town as far as portable dialysis machines. NxStage also puts a lot of money into research and development, so we are not finished with what they will bring forth to the public. It really is quite an ingenious machine which makes me willing to put up with a bit of bumpy roads from now and then.

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