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Saturday, April 30, 2011


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kathy heffner

Nice story.... I have done the same.... great to hear that it just doesnt happen to me....

Rich Berkowitz

Fret not dear Peter. Stupid eroors happen with the best of us -- even me! Now that your machine has forgiven you for your rude behavior, I hope you have many problem-free sessions before the next time you foolishly embarrass yourself.

LeRoy Holmes

Awww Peter, you insulted the little machine? That's a no-no buddy! Our little cyclers, my current one is named K-9 from Doctor Who, work so hard keeping our blood clean. May your future treatments be dull, boring and event free!

Peter Laird, MD

Mine is named the Rita two because of the "chop-chop" sound it makes. My training nurse kept hurrying me along by telling me "chop-chop" all the time, it just sounded right to name it after her. And yes, I never should have insulted my little machine, you are so right.

God bless,



Yes I myself have done the same thing. I am the caregiver and a 11 year vet hemodialysis tech in center. I am dialyising my boyfrind at home and when things go wrong with the machine error messages
etc. he gets very upset which gets me flustred. Then having to deal with both nxstage (god bless the tech support people) and the home therpy nurses if I call them just tell me to call nxstage so why brother or waste my time if things are going wrong why am i going to call people that can not help me.

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