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Wednesday, December 08, 2010


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Rich Berkowitz

Longevity on dialysis is obviously a relative term. One if the most important assets one should have is a positive attitude. Barbara is a good example of that. Although we live one day at a time, it's important to have future plans and hopes. We must be able to look forward to a "normal" life.

While in-center, I had a heart attack driving home from a dialysis session. I survived and going home with more frequent dialysis saved my life as I was already degrading to the point of requiring extra treatments to manange my interdialytic fluid gain. It's not that I was non-compliant in term of watching my fluid, but it was a case that my vascular system could not handle even relatively small gains.

One thing I have always had in common with Barbara is that positive attitude. This year exemplifies what one can do while on dialysis. The year started with the 7 Day Freedom Cruise to the Caribbean in which 10 NxStagers shared a great experience. A speaking engagement at ADC and a DC lobbying trip came next with other advocacy activity. Planning for the NxStageUsers 1st Annual Meet Up and Conference was extremely time consuming but very gratifying. Did I mention two knee replacements fit in between June and November. The knee replacements were done because I'm looking forward to many years of travel and activities to which my arthritic knees were going to make difficult. Everything I did was for looking to the future, and there's no reason why someone doing optimal dialysis can't do as well.

The key is to be able to live well with a chronic condition. It's true our kidneys have failed, but that surely doesn't mean our lives have to come to an end. Dialysis is not the end of life, but just a nre beginning. Let's all remember that and adjust our attitudes if needed. None of us are going to live forever, but that no reason to become negative. Barbara has found a way and I have too. There's no reason why you can't join us.

ernest zamora

i have 11 and have not been easy ,is a lot of mental and physical pain that push you to the limit

Peter Laird, MD

I readily understand how difficult it can be at times. I am grateful for all of the borrowed time the Lord has given me by the gift of dialysis. We could do a much better job than we are doing now in America to ease the pain and suffering that many of us suffer. I hope you and all in the centers around the nation have relief of that pain and suffering from better treatments offered to all.

God bless,



In my unit, I'm the example when a new patient asks "How long can I live with ESRD if they can't find a kidney?". Nurses say, Well we have a patient that's been on CAPD for 26 years & did hemo for 4 and had a transplant for 5 years. Though each patient is different & much of longevity has to do with God. I'd advise any new patient who asks, to find the treatment that works best for them(as ESRD patients we're lucky to have more choices than say patients with liver failure who must get transplanted), follow the health plan you & your team agree on & live life as well as you can. In the end it's about quality of your life that counts more than the quantity.


I read Barbar Rivers which was on dialysis has past away on 10/03/2012;do any know if thi is true!


This information would be helpful; I have a sister that has no quality of life and she has been on dialysis for about 24 years; this would give me some idea of what to look for in the comming days; she has been touch and go in ICU.


The dat of of passing was said to have been 10/3/2012. As I told my sister the WORD OF GOD IS TRUE; if you want to LIVE FOREVER IN PEACE IN HEAVEN you must repent of your sins and accept THE LORD JESUS CHRIST and receive HIM (GOD) IN YOUR hearts. You must confess JESUS CHRIST IS LORD GOD) AND BELIEVE THAT GOD(THE FATHER) RAISED HIM (HIS ONLY BEGOTTON SON JESUS CHRIST)FROM THE DEAD. If you do you will never die. If you don't believe and repent of your sins you will die in your sins and go to hell and after that you will be cast into the lake of fire with the beast , the false prophet and the devil; why suffer here and there for ever. THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND.

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